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Гинтама [ТВ-1] / Gintama

Гинтама [ТВ-1]

Год выпуска: c 04.04.2006 по 25.03.2010
Жанр: приключения, комедия, фантастика, сёнэн
Категория: Аниме » Русская озвучка » TV сериалы (Рус. озв.)
Озвучил: Shachiburi
Перевод: [Kage]
Серии: 1-201 из 201 эп., 25 мин.

Режиссёр: Такамацу Синдзи
Снято по манге: Gintama
Автор оригинала: Сорати Хидэаки
OST: (OST) Гинтама / Gintama

Абсурдистская фантастическо-самурайская пародийная комедия о приключениях фрилансеров в псевдо-средневековом Эдо. Захватив Землю, пришельцы Аманто запретили ношение мечей, единственный, в ком ещё жив подлинно японский дух – самоуверенный сластёна Гинтоки Саката. Неуклюжий очкарик Симпати нанялся к нему в ученики. Третьим в их команде стала прелестная Кагура из сильнейшей во вселенной семьи Ятудзоку, а с ней её питомец Садахару – пёсик размером с бегемота, обладающий забавной привычкой грызть головы всем, кто под морду подвернётся. Они называют себя «мастерами на все руки» и выполняют любые заказы – главное, чтобы заплатили.

Кроме инопланетян с ушками, бандитов со шрамами, самураев с бокэнами, девушек-ниндзя с натто и странных существ, в «Гинтаме» встречаются также Синсэнгуми, состоящие из придурковатых юношей в европейской одежде. Высмеиванию подвергается множество штампов, пародируется «Блич», «Ковбой Бибоп» и многие другие известные сериалы. Юмор колеблется от «сортирного» до «тонкой иронии», в целом это весьма «зубастая» комедия, лишённая каких-либо рамок и ограничений.

001. When seal is stamped, contents are confirmed & 002. What is extraterritoriality law?

003. Natural perms are detestable things

004. This magazine appears on Saturday depending on the mood

005. Becoming an old man, making friends and calling them by nicknames

006. A promise to die and protect

007. A pet is the responsibility of the owner to look after until the end

008. Not making a good first impression...

009. There is a paper-thin difference between toughness and vengefulness

010. It\'s a sour thing when you\'re tired

011. Gooey messy sweet dumpling... What...? It\'s not a dumpling...? That bastard...! & 012. Making a bad first impression...

013. If cosplaying, cosplay to adorn the heart

014. There\'s a weird rule guys have... That touching a frog means coming of age

015. An owner and his pet are alike

016. Life gets longer when Mr Otae becomes longer! Scary!!

017. Father And Son Always Share Their Negative Qualities

018. Ah! Home\'s where the heart is

019. Why is the sea salty? Probably because you city folks use it as a toliet!!

020. Beware of the conveyor belt!

021. If you\'re a guy at least Kajiki! / If you keep the fan on while you\'re sleeping, you\'ll get a stomachache, so watch out!

022. Marriage means one continues raising misunderstanding

023. When being troubled, burst out laughing

024. Something is hiding by all means in this cute face

025. The pot is the reduced drawing of life

026. Don\'t be shy, raise your hand and speak up

027. There are some swords which cannot be cut

028. Comparatively, a bad thing that happens is that good things doensn\'t happen continuously

029. You are flurried! Cool off! / Unless you properly see the television or the newspaper, it\'s useless

030. Even Idols Do Pretty Much The Same Things You Guys Do

031. Even you do not easily forget how to be good

032. Life flows like the conveyer

033. It is impolite to mistake a person\'s name

034. There is no need for a manual on love

035. You should not judge a person by his appearance

036. For a person who has an injury in the shank, you can really talk

037. Those fellows who complain that there is no Santa believe in his existence / A bell cannot make troubles disappear, you must do it yourself

038. Only kids get excited when it snows / it\'s very strange to rub against the ice wich is eaten in the winter

039. Ramen shops which offer lots of menus are not usually popular

040. The plan is to make children

041. I do not know whether the movie is interesting just by the titles

042. Earthworms swell when you urinate on them

043. For the character, I will draw and divide the distinction that is attached to the reader with just the silhoutte

044. Please stop your complaints about the dinner menu because my mother is busy

045. My pet dog\'s stroll is done at a moderate speed

046. You become 20 years old after you play in a cabaret

047. Cherry things become cherry trees?

048. The two who look alike are quarreling / Why do you use that useless negativity?

049. Life without gambles is like sushi without wasabi

050. Undecided is undecided and it\'s not a decision

051. Milk should be in the temperature like human skin

052. Make an appointment first before meeting with someone

053. Stress will causes baldness but when paying too much attention on prevent stress the stress will builds up again in the end there is nothing that we can do to it

054. Mothers are the same no matter where they are

055. Do not make that "kucha kucha” sound when eating

056. Take note of the one-day director

057. You must go back to the day of action when you are looking for lost items

058. Korokke bread is always popular in shops

059. Do not forget where you left your umbrella

060. The sun will rise

061. Insects at night gather in the light

062. What you want is not what you get

063. The preview of the next edition of Jump is unreliable

064. Eating corn is unexpectedly very filling

065. The boy learns the value of life through the beetle

066. Substance over form

067. This life that continues to run

068. The cross-over world is full of idiots

069. Please separate your garbage

070. Cute things become disgusting when there are too many

071. There is data that cannot be deletable

072. Let\'s drive there / Doggy meatballs have a fragrant smell

073. The mushrooms are delicious

074. The draft is ready

075. Work should not be split at home

076. Be quiet at this time

077. Yesterday\'s enemy is also today\'s enemy

078. A person who\'s picky with food is also picky with humans

079. If there\'s four people, it is a lot of knowledge

080. A person that wears glasses suddenly takes the glasses off, it feels like somethign is missing. Like the part of the person is missing

081. A woman\'s best make up is the smile

082. It\'s not like I line up for Ramen. I line up for satisfy myself

083. Luck and identity have no relationship

084. A Man\'s heart is like a hard-boiled egg

085. Hard boiled egg won\'t get crashed

086. There are many instances where you cannot get to sleep even after counting sheep

087. Use German surplexes on women who like to ask which is important, me or work

088. The start is always the happiest in joint parties

089. When there\'s two, there will be three

090. It\'s scary to eat the wrong food when it\'s so delicious

091. If you want to slim down, go and exercise, do not eat

092. Become a person who is able to find a person\'s merits rather than his weak points

093. Even heroes have their own problems

094. When you are sitting on the train, both hands must be strapped

095. Men are Madao

096. If you are a man, do not give up

097. Herioc stories of the past are exaggerated by three folds / Boys are weak towards girls from a flower shop or a cake shop

098. Game is an hour per day

099. Life as well as games are only bugs

100. Those who are disliked are always adorable

101. Law exists to be violated

102. Otakus are talkative

103. The differnce between stengths and weaknesses is only a thin line

104. Important things are hard to see

105. Anything depends on the beat and the timing

106. Most people I love sudden death

107. Parents, not knowing the child

108. Better leave it unsaid

109. Life is a test

110. Everyone is an escapee of a prison called \'myself\'

111. Definitely Do Not Let Your Girlfriend See the Things You Use for Crossdressing / There\'s Almost a 100% Chance of Forgetting One\'s Vinyl Umbrella and Then Hating Oneself

112. A birthday in your twenties has no deep meaning / You\'re lucky if you can stay up late to work

113. The Act of Polishing a Urinal is Like the Act of Polishing One\'s Heart / Subtitle Undecided

114. When sweet and spicy things are switched... / They say that adding soy sauce to pudding gives the taste of sea urchin, but really, adding soy sauce to pudding only gives the taste of soy sauce and pudding

115. The time just before the summer holidays start is the most fun

116. The Older, The Wiser

117. Beauty is like a summer fruit

118. Be as straightforward as your back is bent

119. Those who smoke one or two cigarettes are putting the smell of horse dung in them

120. The taste of overseas Japanese restaurants is generally at the same level as a school cafeteria / Once you\'ve chosen a dish, you can\'t give it back

121. Only a slotted and a crosshead screwdriver is needed for an amateur

122. Imagination should be developed in grade

123. There is a screwdriver in the every one\'s hearts

124. Too much badgering can become a threatening one

125. Into the Final Chapter!

126. There are things that cannot be expressed in words

127. There are things you can\'t understand unless you meet them

128. There are things you can\'t understand even when you meet them

129. Watch out for your pet eating off the floor

130. Cat-lovers and dog-lovers never keep peace

131. Quarrels usually happen at the trip destination

132. Tight underpants will unavoidably get soiled

133. Gin and His Excellency\'s Good For Nothing

134. Be Very Careful When Using Ghost Stories

135. Before Thinking About the Earth, Think About the More Endangered Gintaman\'s Future!

136. It\'s Your House, You Build It

137. 99% Of Men Are Not Confident In Confessing Their Love

138. Why Not Talk About the Old Days for a Change?

139. Don\'t Put Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket

140. Beware of Those Who Use an Umbrella on a Sunny Day

141. Butting Into a Fight is Dangerous

142. Life is a Series of Choices

143. Those Who Stand On Four Legs Are Beasts. Those Who Stand on Two Legs, Guts, and Glory, Are Men

144. Don\'t Trust Bedtime Stories

145. The Color for Each Person\'s Bond Comes in Various Colors

146. The taste of drinking under broad daylight is something special

147. Every adult is every children\'s instructor

148. Zippers should be undone slowly

149. When your half eaten popsicle starts sliding down the stick, that\'s when jerks come around hoping for a share

150. Become bound by long things

151. A conversation with a barber during a haircut is the most pointless thing in the world

152. The heavens created Chomage above man instead of another man

153. Sleep Helps a Child Grow

154. That person looks different from usual during a birthday party

155. The other side of the other side of the other side would be the other side

156. It takes a bit of courage to enter a street vendor\'s stand

157. Any place with a bunch of men gathered around will turn into a battlefield

158. If a friend gets injured, take him to the hospital

159. If one orange in the box is rotten, the rest of them will become rotten before you know it!

160. From a foreigner\'s perspective, you\'re the foreigner

161. Laputa\'s still good after seeing it so many times

162. Love Asks For Nothing In Return

163. The black ships even make a scene when they sink!

164. That matsutake soup stuff tastes better than the real deal, plus one / Man cannot come back to life once dead

165. If It Works Once, It\'ll Work Over And Over Again

166. Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than One

167. Smooth Polygons Smooth Men\'s Hearts Too

168. A Human Body Is Like a Little Universe

169. The Chosen Idiots

170. And into the Legend...

171. If You Keep Copying, They Will Retaliate / A Loss Opens Your Eyes to the Love You Have

172. It All Depends on How You Use the \"Carrot and Stick\" Method

173. It\'s What\'s On the Inside that Counts / It\'s What\'s On the Inside that Counts, But Only to a Certain Extent

174. When a Person Is Trapped, Their Inner Door Opens

175. People of All Ages Hate The Dentist

176. Beginning the Countdown

177. A Spider at Night is a Bad Omen

178. Once a Spider\'s Thred Has Entangled Something it\'s Hard to Get it Off Again

179. It\'s the Irresponsible One Who\'s Scary When Pissed

180. The More Precious the Burden, the Heavier and More Difficult it is to Shoulder It

181. Watch Out For A Set of Women and A Drink

182. Screw Popularity Polls

183. Popularity Polls Can Burn in Hell

184. Popularity Polls Can...

185. Hometowns and Boobs are Best Thought From Afar / The Whole Peeing on a Bee Sting Is a Myth. You\'ll Get Germs, So Don\'t Do It!!

186. Beware of Foreshadows

187. It\'s Goodbye Once a Flag is Set

188. An Observation Journal Should Be Seen Right Through To The Very End

189. Mobile Suit Gundam 30th Anniversary Special Extra #2 / Radio Exercises are Socials for Boys and Girls

190. When Looking For Something, Try Using its Perspective

191. Freedom Means to Live True to Yourself, not Without Law!

192. Kabukicho Stray Cat Blues

193. Cooking is About Guts

194. Whenever I hear Leviathan, I think of Sazae-san. Stupid me!!

195. Not Losing to the Rain!

196. Not Losing to the Wind

197. Not Losing to the Storm

198. Never Losing that Smile

199. That\'s How I Wish to Be, Beautiful and Strong

200. Santa Claus Red is Blood Red!

201. Everybody\'s a Santa!

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